Lease Listings Process

What I Will Do for You

  1. MEETING – I will meet you for the first time in the place you want to list for rent
  2. LISTING PREP – I will take pictures for my reference, or can even use those for the listing if the house is clean enough
  3. LISTING – List the property, including:
    1. Documentation
    2. Placing a lock box and
    3. Putting up a sign board
  4. OFFERS – Receive all communication and offers
  5. HANDLE INQUIRIES – Any inquiry I don’t feel is suitable I will reject them myself
  6. SCREENING – I will screen all the potential clients and will forward only those offers that I approve, based on landlord’s requirements.  I will pre-screen as follows:
    1. Credit score,
    2. Combined income,
    3. I.Ds,
    4. Verify all necessary docs are present in the application,
    5. I’ll send docs to the landlord for further investigation if they so choose.
  7. VERIFICATION – If landlord pre-approves and requires me to verify all the documents I will:
    1. Cross reference and verify any personal and professional contact info,
    2. Call all personal and professional contacts,
    3. Check past addresses,
    4. If required I will setup a meeting with the tenant.
  8. CLOSING – Prepare for closing day, ensure all parties have what they owe to the other.