It takes a lot of time and effort to find something you like, so before you submit an offer I need the following following documentation.


A) Proof of Income: Please Prepare the Following:


If you are an employed Canadian Citizen: the following docs will be required in order of importance and availability:

    1. If you have not already obtained a job letter, please do so immediately, and,
    2. Last 3 FULL months of pay stubs,
    3. Otherwise last 3 months of bank statements showing monthly deposits,
    4. Drivers License or other Canadian ID,
    5. You email for e-signature



If you are a self-employed Canadian Citizen:

    1. Previous year’s tax returns + last 3 months bank statements, with good balance,
    2. Financial statements from accountant,
    3. Bank letter of good standing,
    4. Company website, Business card,
    5. Drivers License or other Canadian ID,
    6. You email for e-signature.


B) Credit Report: please do not use Equifax they have removed their option to print.  You may get a credit report from Borrowell but you’ll have to sign up for a subscription and then cancel it after you get your report, or any of the other options available online.


C) Lease Application: Please completely fill up the Lease Application online ASAP. No need to print. Keep the date, address, SIN#, and bank info empty.


D) Move-In Date: Remember many buildings don’t allow Sunday move-ins: Before deciding on a move-in date you MUST ensure the move-in date you decide works with your schedule, movers, and elevator booking, etc!


E) Please bring all the docs next time we meet or you may email them to me if you prefer.