Student Leasing


If you are an international student in Canada, likely you will not have any credit report and your parents maybe sending you money from back home, therefore, please be advised that landlords may ask for additional documents for security. However at the minimum they will require the following:

1. Lease Application: Please completely fill up the Lease Application online ASAP.  No need to print.  Keep the date, address, SIN#, and bank info empty;

2. Job Letter (combined income must be adequate for the monthly rent and your personal expenses);

3. You may not have a credit report & score, but if you do, it should be 700+ (if any), please send me a copy.

    • You can log into your bank and obtain a report with score, the following are the banks that provide free reports
      • Scotia
      • RBC
    • Directly obain from Borrowell or Equifax or Transunion, etc  but you may have to sign up for a subscription then cancel it after you get your report;
    • Or any other online available options.

4. Canadian Bank Statements (at least last 3 months) showing sufficient monthly deposits;

5. Student Visa Copy;

6. Passport Copy

7. Student I.D. Copy;

8. Program Acceptance Letter (from the institution you are enrolled at);